Tour page 1




Using a series of screenshots we want to guide you through a tour of LT Parafoil and calculate the patterns of a paraglider.


The sample glider Bluewin 1 Rev. 1 has 30 cells. The glider uses diag straps. One third of the ribs has line attachment points only. The diag

straps are at line areas A through D, their types are Ascending, Horizontal and Descending alternatively.


To keep this tour easy to survey we will show you the most important steps and adjustments only. You can find detailed information about

LT Parafoil in section Technical data.


But now let's get to the point: After launching AutoCAD you start LT Parafoil. The program appears as a small screen:



After entering the name of the glider 'Bluewin BW100' (this name appears on all patterns) we continue to enter data ...