Update Service

Software is a living thing! is the motto of our company: Software lives! Good software will be continuously improved to offer you more

performance and a better user interface. Such, we offer regularly updates of the software to our customers on a subscription basis. For

each new version we will try to improve both performance and user interface. We think that this is the only way for you to keep the value

of your investment for a long time.


Hotline Service

Even the most expensive software is useless if it doesn't run. A program which is used from you on an every-day basis has to be ready

for use. Therefore we offer our Hotline Service to support you with eventual program problems. Besides telephone and E-Mail for

support we use the Remote Administration tools from Windows 2000/XP. As an option we offer the usage of video conferencing on

internet basis.


Individual adaptations

You are developing your gliders in a special manner or have construction details that are not used anywhere else? No problem. We

adapt LT Parafoil to your needs. You don't have to have your personal computer programmer on your payroll. Instead, use the

comparably cheap standard product LT Parafoil and get your individual adaptations on top of it.