Data integration

All data used is entered only once and is automatically used by the program when needed. Such, the line attachment positions entered once are

used by the program to calculate patterns and line lengths as well.


Product characteristics independent from the size

For 99% of all inputs, the data is independent from the size of the product. This is a big advantage for the developer because variants of an

existing product - for example another size of the same model - are finished within very short time.


True Windows application

Instead of typing cryptic commands to the AutoCAD command line LT Parafoil offers you the Look and Feel of a Windows application.


The best from two worlds

Depending from the situation data is specified using graphics or by number input:

■    For many purposes, a graphical input is the best solution. Such, the contour of the paraglider is drawn in AutoCAD and the information is

forwarded to LT Parafoil. The application overtakes the drawn contour and uses it for its calculations.

■    In other situations, the input of data is clearly superior. Such, the drawn contour can be given any size and aspect ratio using a few

keystrokes only.


Automatic instead of manual drawing

Many programs work like this: "If you want a glider then draw it yourself. If you are nearly finished I will calculate the patterns". LT Parafoil is

different: Having specified the properties of your glider just select Calculate and watch the program generating your draft.


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