About Living Things


Living Things was founded with the goal to produce and market Standard and Individual Software for manufacturers of paragliders and other

aircraft vehicles.


The founder, Rasso von Schlichtegroll, is a qualified engineer for aeronautics and a well-known face in the Paragliding Industry. Blended into the

product are more than 10 years experience in developing paragliders, calculating around 200 prototypes and serial gliders. Among these are such

popular products as the UP Vision and UP Pickup along with the freeX products Frantic and Flair.


Starting in 1991, Rasso von Schlichtegroll was one of the first paraglider developers who used scientific methods and created an extensive own

software. Thus, the development process was speeded up significantly and the systematic use of experiences was made possible.


Since from other activities there was extensive experience in software development the idea arose to combine both abilities: Living Things wants

to provide complete and powerful software to developers of paragliders to make their daily work easier.


After purchase of the program, Living Things customers are not alone: To keep your product up-to-date and reliably we offer Update Service as

well as Hotline Service as an option.


We are offering a trusting relationship to our customers. The fact that we don't develop paragliders any more and therefore are independent

from interests of a certain manufacturer should be a solid basis for that.